“Buy a tree-shirt, plant a tree”

Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 21:3

The United Nations Environment Programme recently launched GreenUp, aimed at taking Green Economy ideals to European citizens by encouraging green, positive actions that show change is possible. Each citizen action relates to one of the 10 sectors of UNEP's Green Economy Report.

Forestry was the first theme. GreenUp teamed with Dame Vivienne Westwood who has brought her own style of sustainable development by creating a 'tree-shirt' which for each one sold online a tree will be planted, focusing the planting efforts on Europe's forest fragmentation issues.

GreenUp is also an accessible source of information on the green economy & Rio+20. And through social media such as facebook, twitter or YouTube, GreenUp is gathering people's thoughts on what the Green Economy means to them, as well as trying to explain the technicalities in the most accessible way possible.

It's about people's involvement and working together, specifically to get to grips with the green economy, and plan for our future at Rio+20.