What is Rio+20?

Rio+20 is a UN conference on sustainable development. The conference is a historic opportunity to, amongst many other things, set the world's water management and consumption onto a truly sustainable pathway for the future. This is part of what the UN calls the shift to a "green economy".

What is a green economy?

"Green" is something we all understand, but the word "economy" carries a lot of baggage. It means something different to everyone. The way you might like to think about it, in terms of green economy, is about making choices. How can we make environmentally-friendly choices about the way we do things in our everyday lives; choices about the way we run things in our community; choices about the things we do at governmental level; choices that impact upon our future.


Water is a human right, and this competition is about inspiring your fellow Europeans to preserve water, now and for future generations. From the small things such as turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, over bigger issues such as installing water-efficient plumbing in buildings, to global solutions that could solve the supply/demand gap by transitioning to a green economy.