The ads should engage the individual personally

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 15:58

Ferah PerkerThe Turkish graphic designer Ferah Perker says that any awareness raising campaign, such as those conducted by the United Nations, have to target an audience “from any level of education or nation or cultural background.”

Ms Perker has been appointed a Jury member in the United Nations Advertising Competitions on water. She is a well known Turkish graphic designer, born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1967.


She has 19 years experience in graphic design and advertising and has worked as an art director for major network advertising agencies and clients in Turkey, including Young & Rubicam, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Foot Cone & Belding etc.

Ms Perker has worked free-lance in her own studio (see: , since 2009 and is an integral member of the Grafik Tasar?m magazine's Consulting and Publication Commission. She is a member of the Turkish Society of Graphic Design and of the Turkish Society of Advertising Creatives.

Ms Perker answered 3 Questions in an interview with UNRIC´s Sarianna Hirvonen:

S: What is necessary to have in an advertisement to raise awareness of an issue such as water?

F: "Water is the most essential element for survival along with air. I think it would be a good idea to build the advertisement on this basic/simple fact."

S: Water is obviously a bigger issue in the Middle East than in Western Europe, how do you see this from a Turkish perspective?

F: "In comparison to Middle East Turkey is a lucky country with its water resources and climate.

Still, not only the countries that already have severe problems but every country has to have serious awareness of the problems rising because of  climate change is happeninall around the world."

S: Do you think advertisements can play an important role in raising awareness on global issues? How can an ad raise awareness?

F: "Yes I definitely believe that advertisements can play an important role in raising such awareness.

But it seems to be much more difficult than creating a brand or creating an image for a brand.

Advertisement cannot use the same strategy as in a business to business or business to consumer style.

Social issues aim at changing behavior not at selling a product. If the intention is to "save the planet" or show respect to what our mother earth offers us generously, the individuals should realize that it is personally them that the ad addresses and more important than that they should sense that this call is quite sincere and frank.

The context is that on such global issues the addressees are not a certain privileged or educated group. The target audience might be from any level of education or nation or cultural background. This matter should be considered in the strategy of the advertisement."