Turkish designer wins public vote

Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 16:3

The first part of the Advertising competition is now over. We are delighted to announce that with nearly 80 thousand votes cast, the public has spoken and has chosen its favorite ad.

It is Save your children by Turkish graphic designer Toprak Onur. Our warmest congratulations to Mr. Onur who received over 11,000 public votes.

The Drop by drop competition is a part of the UN´s Global Conversation, the campaign the Future We Want in the run up to the so-called:

Rio + 20: the UN's Conference on Sustainable Development.

Judging by the number of newspaper ads created by Europeans across the continent-over 3500 from 45 countries-, there is no doubt that access to clean water is an essential part of the Future We Want. Your messages will be heard, and seen, by Heads of states and governments who will gather in Rio de Janeiro for the conference on 20 June.

The next stage will be to choose the winner of the Youth Prize, to be announced on 22 April, followed by selection of the overall winner of the DropbyDrop competition to be chosen by our jury and to be announced on 2 May.